Frequently Asked Questions



1. Is the price list published in this website?

No, we do not publish our prices from this website. If you require our prices, please go to our contact page to request it. We will send you the prices via email.



2. How do I place my first order?

Contact us to have your design, quantity and sizes agreed. We will provide a mock-up with a quotation.


3. Is there a minimum order quantity?

Not for stock items, yes for bespoke items:

Club Shirts & Jackets(bespoke) = 20 pieces (can be a mix of mens's and ladies' of different sizes)
Bowling towels (bespoke) = 100 pieces
Club ties (bespoke weave) = 100 pieces
Stock items = No minimum



4. Can I request certain sizes and colours?




5. What are your delivery charges?

Delivery within Mainland UK is £15 per 20 kg, within the EU continent at £28 per 20 kg.



6. How long is delivery from placing my order?

After order’s confirmation and approval.
By Ship = 10 to 15 weeks
By Air    =   6 to 11 weeks
Ordering before November ensures a March delivery.